Enhanced Phone Features

Enhanced Phone Features

Caller Number Delivery
Identifies the number of the calling party. Customer must purchase caller ID box.

Caller Name Delivery
Add on service for customers already subscribing to caller number delivery.

Automatic Callback
Continues to redial busy number for up to 30 minutes.

Automatic Recall
Recall of the last answered or unanswered incoming call. Number is then redialed if that choice is selected.

Caller ID Blocking
Prevents display of your name or number on someone's caller ID box. Customer manually activates.

Caller ID Suppression
Permanently prevents display of your name or number.

Customer Originated Trace
Customer manually initiates. Telephone Co. switch records origin of call.

Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting
Allows customer to preprogram up to 32 numbers that will be identified by a distinctive ring (tone for call waiting).

Selective Call Acceptance
Stores up to 32 numbers from which you can accept calls. Those not listed will receive a message that you are not receiving calls.

Selective Call
Specific calls can be forwarded to another phone number.

Selective Call Rejection
Allows up to 32 numbers to be blocked. Those callers will receive a message that you are not accepting calls.

Warm Line
Automatically dials a predesignated number after phone is off the hook for 30 seconds.