Commercial Services

GAN - Keeping you in touch...

The Business Advantage

GAN brings advanced telecommunications technologies to rural Iowa. Such technologies keep you in touch with the people, resources, and opportunities that make life better ...

Advanced Telecommunications Products Make Life Simpler ...

GAN now offers services which provide one-call contact. With these services, you no longer need to wait by the phone. Voice Messaging stores your phone messages and Paging Services will always reach you - wherever you are.

Other telecommunications services override busy signals and forward calls to second numbers so you don't need to keep trying a busy or unanswered line. Contact is assured on the first try. It's never been easier to stay in touch.

Internet access offers something for everyone - whether you're interested in current events, data, artwork, news, entertainment, or e-mail from around the world. From saving time to making the most of your time, GAN will start you on your way to exploring new horizons at work - and at home.

Internet access offers businesses unlimited resources - making it easy to keep track of the latest industry trends, locate suppliers, purchase products and services, research the competition and more.

Our state-of-the-art services put small business owners and entrepreneurs in touch with unlimited potential. Our telecommunications products allow you to "telework" from your home computer. An Internet account allows you to send articles, reports, and memos to your colleagues electronically.