Commercial Internet Services

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GAN offers Dial up and High-Speed services to customers in the following communities - Eagle Grove, Clarion, Goldfield, Humboldt. Any additional towns in the local calling area of the above cities would also have toll-free dial up internet service. New and existing customers should be aware of our Internet acceptable use policy and the privileges it provides.

Get on-line and experience the advantages of dealing with a local access provider. Whenever you have service questions, we're easy to reach at our local customer service or technical support number

GAN Customer Service

Internet Technical Support
Goldfield: 825-6351
Clarion: 602-6351
Eagle Grove: 603-6351
Humboldt: 604-6351
Renwick: 604-6351

GAN offers a variety of high speed internet services.

We deploy High Speed Internet service over an existing telephone line to your home or business. High Speed Internet service requires a High Speed modem connected to an Ethernet port on a PC or to a Local Area Network.

Additional Features:
* High-speed 1 Mbps - 10 Mbps inbound transport rates
* Simultaneous voice and data transmissions over one dedicated line
* High Speed service utilizes an existing telephone line, works over existing wiring, and plugs into standard wall jack
* High Speed service provides unlimited Internet access!
* High Speed Internet Modem with Ethernet connectivity is versatile (i.e. works with personal computer and network interface card of "NIC" or with network hub and/or proxy server)
* Up to 32 end points on one High Speed line or 256 points with a router
* Monthly charge includes Internet access (does not include cost of telephone line)

* 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps and 10 Mbps options.
* Static IP available

Installation done by customer

Our High Speed service can only be provided to Goldfield Access Networks local telephone costumers
Telephone lines must be qualified to determine the compatibility for High Speed service