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Scam Alert
Watch Out For Fake Charities During Holiday Season

Jared Johnson Settling In As New Manager

Goldfield Access Networks First Youth Holiday Coloring Contest!

Go Pinterest-ing!
Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

Sites Of The Month
Great Sites To Check Out In November

This Month's FAQ
Which Security Question Should I Pick For A "Forgot Password" Feature?

Two To View
A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

Short Tutorial
How To Save Interesting Items On Facebook


Hi, Internet Subscribers,

Download Graphics to ViewNovember is the month when temperatures cool down and holiday preparations heat up. We've gathered seasonal content here to help you enjoy what makes November special (as well as avoid one of the month's potential threats). We start with a warning about the fake charity scams that turn up every fall, and we offer tips on how to avoid them.

Need recipe ideas for entertaining family and friends? Check out the hot cider and pumpkin doughnut recipes in the Pinterest section. Want to better understand your furry companions? Head for the fascinating dog site in Sites of the Month. Need inspiration for a building project? Watch a barn go up in minutes in Two to View.

This November issue also includes advice on how to pick a good security question as well as how to save interesting items on Facebook for reading later.

The goal of each of our eNewsletters is to keep our subscribers informed regarding their Internet connection and to improve their Internet experience. We think you'll find this information interesting.

To see what's inside this issue, simply scroll down the eNewsletter or click on the links within the index to the left. Thanks for reading!

- The Team


Scam Alert - Watch Out For Fake Charities During Holiday Season

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Jared Johnson Settling In As New Manager

New Manager Jared JohnsonGoldfield Access Network, Goldfield Telephone, Goldfield Communications, North Central Wireless of Goldfield have been sold, and Jared Johnson has been hired as the new manager.

Johnson is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota. After graduating from high school in 1987, he attended the University of St. Thomas where he received his Bachelor's degree in computer science with a minor in aerospace studies.

Johnson spent the next 10 years as an officer in the United States Air Force. During this time, he held positions including database analyst through flight commander. His last three years with the Air Force were spent as part of the USAF College recruiting effort.

In 2001, Johnson "chose family over a military career," and found employment as an operations manager. He was responsible for technical operations including voice, video and data. The remainder there for 13 years, taking charge of such projects as their fiber to the premise build, cable television expansion, upgrades to internet access platforms, and had the responsibility for the entire delivery infrastructure.

In July of this year, Johnson decided it was time for another change of path, and accepted the general manger position for Goldfield Access Network, Goldfield Telephone, Goldfield Communications, and North Central Wireless.

"It became a family decision to accept the position after a visit to Humboldt and Wright Counties showed us the abundant educational, professional, and recreation opportunities in the in the area," said Johnson.

By August, the Johnson family had packed their bags and moved to Humboldt, Iowa. His wife, Kim, plans on getting back into the health care field. His son, Nick is a junior at Humboldt, High School and his daughter Leah is in the sixth grade. She is also very happy to have found a new dance studio to be a part of in the community as that is her true passion.

"There's a welcome home feel here, "said Johnson. "It just feels right. We're happy and comfortable... and it was important for us to stay in a small town setting. We've hit the best of both worlds here."

Johnson is looking forward to meeting more of the people and businesses his new company services, including those in Eagle Grove, Clarion, Humboldt, Goldfield, Dakota City, Renwick, and cable television in Woolstock. He is also excited about things to come in the future, like a new cable TV package that includes HD and DVR, and getting the next generation of technology to customers.

"GAN has a really good name in the area. Service is key to our business," he added. "We are happy to assist you and want to know if you have problems or questions".

But it's not totally all work for Johnson and the business he manages. He also plans on a little fun for the kids of the area. They will be sponsoring a coloring contest for the holiday, so be sure to watch the papers for more details.

Until then, if you would like to meet Johnson for yourself, stop by the Goldfield Telephone Company building in Goldfield anytime, Monday through Friday. He would be happy to visit with you.

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Goldfield Access Networks First Youth Holiday Coloring Contest!

Download Graphics to ViewContest Rules:

1.    Scene must include a Goldfield Access Network Service or product in some way.

2.    Due date Dec 1st 4:30 PM to Goldfield telephone, 536 N Main, PO Box 67, Goldfield Iowa, 50542

3.    Three age divisions will be judged 0-9, 9-13, 13-18, No adult division

4.    Three winners in each area: Humboldt/Dakota City, Eagle Grove, Clarion, and Goldfield/Renwick

5.    $25 local business gift cards awarded to each division for a total of 12 winning pictures

6.    Best overall submission will receive a $50 gift card

7.    Winners will be announced around December 15th

Download your contest sheet pdf here.

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Go Pinterest-ing! - Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

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Pin 3 Download Graphics to View

Spice Up Fall With This Apple Cider Recipe


Pumpkin Doughnuts Round Out Breakfast


A Baby Donkey That's All Ears And All Too Cute

You haven't started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started? If so, click here.

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Sites Of The Month - Great Sites To Check Out In November

Try New Side Dishes For Thanksgiving - The main dish of turkey may be non-negotiable, but we bet there's room on your Thanksgiving table for a new side dish or two. Check out this mouthwatering collection of recipes from Southern Living including Bacon & Brown Sugar Brussels Sprouts and Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Cumin.

See The World Through Your Dog's Eyes - This fascinating site helps you learn how your dog's mind works. The Dognition Assessment uses science-based games to look at empathy, communication, cunning, memory, and reasoning. The results will give you a richer understanding of your dog's behavior.

Make The Most Of Your Money - Clark Howard is a nationally syndicated consumer expert who shares ways for people to "save more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off." You can watch recent video tips, listen to his radio show, and browse through information on everything from buying a car to negotiating a raise.

What's Trending In Holiday Decorating? - Using the same holiday decorations year after year can get boring. So before you deck the halls, pick up fresh ideas such as re-purposing vintage items and adding texture through burlap. You can also create a family page to share holiday photos, save recipes, and more.

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This Month's FAQ - Which Security Question Should I Pick For A "Forgot Password" Feature?

Question: Sometimes a website will ask me to choose a security question from a list or write my own. What makes a good security question for a "Forgot Password" feature?

Download Graphics to ViewAnswer: The security question (and answer) that's associated with an online account enables you to be sent your password in case you forget it. In order to prevent someone not authorized to access your account from getting your password, it's important to use a security question with an answer that has these characteristics:

  • It should be difficult to discover through research. The answer to your security question should not be something that could be easily looked up online, such as, "What is my high school's mascot?"
  • It should be hard to guess. This means any question with a limited list of answers is not a secure one. For example, don't use any security question where the answer is a month, a color, or a day of the week. An intruder could probably guess with just a few tries the answer to a bad question such as "What color is my bedroom?"
  • It shouldn't change over time. The problem with a question such as, "What is your favorite book?" is that the answer may not be the same five years from now.

It's well worth your time to make sure your security questions and answers (along with your passwords) create a strong defense against hackers.

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Two To View - A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

Cool Video 1 - Download Graphics to View


Cool Video 2 - Download Graphics to View


See Why Not To Text And Drive
This video catches moviegoers off guard as it dramatically shows what can happen when you quit watching the road to reach for your phone.


Amazing Amish Barn Raising
See more than 10 hours of barn building in just 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Clearly, many hands do make light work!

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Short Tutorial - How To Save Interesting Items On Facebook

Tired of scrolling through a friend's Facebook news feed to find the link to that cool story you didn't have time to read when it was originally posted? Thanks to a new feature in Facebook, you can save interesting items to check out later.

Download Graphics to ViewTo save something you see on Facebook:

  • From your News Feed: Click the down arrow iconand then select Save
  • From a Page: Click the three dots iconand then select Save
  • From an event: Click the bookmark iconSave

Note: You can't save photos or posts without links.

When you save things on Facebook, they'll appear in your Saved Items that only you can see.

To view the things you've saved:

1.    Go to or click Saved in the left column of your homepage after you've saved something.

2.    Click a saved category at the top or click a saved item to view it.

For more details, visit this link.

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