General FAQs

Q. Can I keep my present Eagle Grove, Humboldt, Clarion or Renwick phone number?
A. You have the choice of keeping your existing number or changing to a GAN prefix and keeping your last four digits. If you change to a GAN number and someone attempts to call your old number , a message will tell the caller your new number (for a 30 day period) If your choice is to keep your existing number, there is a charge of a 1.50/mo.

Q. How long does it take to get hooked up?
A. If you presently have Qwest service, and if you are porting your Qwest phone number, hook-up to GAN should occur in three business days from the time that the order is entered.  If you are opening a brand new service with GAN hook-up should occur in five business days.

Q. How much does it cost to set up telephone service?
A. $17.50 for each line. A general credit check is done and a deposit may be required.

Q. Do you have to be present for installation?
A. If your telephone protection device is not located on the exterior of your home or building, we will need you to be present. This allows our technicians to test your telephone lines.

Q. What long distance service is available?
A. GAN is an "EQUAL ACCESS" provider. You can choose any carrier (except Qwest) for your "515" calls as well as calls outside "515". If you choose GAN Long Distance, charges will appear on your monthly GAN phone statement.

Q. Who do I call for repair service?
A. You may call 825-3996, or "611" from any GAN phone.. For Customer service call 825-3996.

Q. Will it still be listed in the Qwest phone book if I am a GAN customer?
A. Yes, you will still be listed in the Qwest local phone book as well as the Hanson Directory (GAN phone book).

Q. What other services does GAN offer?
A. GAN also offers a full line of Custom Calling Features and Enhanced Calling Features. Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Caller ID are a few of many popular features. Other services include: consumer telephone and related product sales, key system sales and service, Paging, Cellular Phone Service, Internet Access, and High Speed Internet Access. If you are a GAN telephone and internet customer, your Internet charges will be consolidated on your monthly GAN phone bill.