Company History

Goldfield Access Network

Goldfield Access Network, L.C., (GAN) was established in 1996 in response to the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 which made competition possible in local telephone markets. The goal of the Act was to promote competition and secure lower prices and higher quality services for the American consumer.

GAN is jointly owned by two local companies, Goldfield Telephone Company and Advanced Telecommunications Holdings (ATH). Goldfield Telephone Co. has provided telephone service in the Goldfield community since 1903 and the principals of ATH sell telecommunications equipment nationally. Darrell Seaba is the president of GAN and has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

It is GAN's goal to provide the latest technology, the highest quality and the most cost-effective telecommunications solutions to its proposed customer base. An application with the Iowa Utilities Board for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity was filed in March, 1997. The application was approved on May 9, 1997. The Interconnection Agreement between US West Communications, Inc. and Goldfield Access Network, L.C. was signed on June 13, 1997.

GAN offers local telephone service, long distance, dial-up, and high speed internet (DSL) service in Clarion, Eagle Grove, Humboldt, and Renwick. A 5 year fiber to the home (FTTH) project is set to begin in Humboldt the fall of 2008. Increased DSL speed and video content delivery will be several notable benefits of this project.

Goldfield Telephone Company

The Goldfield Telephone Company was established in 1903. Working in a rented building with less than $1000 invested in a switchboard, phones , lines and poles, GTC began daily telephone service with one manager between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. Telephone line mileage went from 25 miles in 1905 to 140 miles in 1967. 1957 brought a major technology change with the installation of dial phones which no longer required a switchboard operator. All phones were changed to touch tone service in 1979.

Construction of Goldfield's new office building at 536 N. Main Street was completed in 1983. This remains the permanent headquarters for GTC. 1987 brought another significant technology to Goldfield with the cutover of a new Northern Telecom DMS-10 fully digital switch. The DMS-10 now functions in line with a state of the art IP based MetaSwitch which will allow many new future services.

As of 2008, General Manager Darrell Seaba has 14 employees. In addition to local telephone service, GTC offers long distance service, dial up, and high speed internet (DSL) service. Fiber to the home service technology projects are planned for the Goldfield Exchange in the near future. Other telecommunication services mentioned below are offered by GTC subsidiaries Goldfield Access Network, Goldfield Communications, and North Central Wireless.

North Central Wireless

North Central Wireless, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Goldfield Telephone Company, was formed in 2000. As a local PCS (personal communication services) license holder for the Iowa counties of Wright and Humboldt, NCW has extensively constructed area wireless mobile sites and established the following service agents: North Central Wireless-Goldfield, Radio Shack-Humboldt, Ben Franklin-Eagle Grove and Steve's PC Clinic-Belmond. Local wireless mobile service is marketed under the iWireless name. In addition to NCW local coverage, the iWireless and T-Mobile network provides statewide and nationwide coverage.

Goldfield Communications

Goldfield Communications Services, Corp. was formed in 1983 and Goldfield Telephone transferred their Goldfield CATV franchise and interconnect business to this subsidiary. A CATV franchise was granted by the City of Woolstock in 1990 to Goldfield Communications and the Badger franchise was purchased from Oak Cable systems two years later. In addition to CATV service, Goldfield Communications offers telephone and key system sales, installation and repair, and iWireless cellular service